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The magic of magnetism - you can't see or touch it. But it is a hell of a lot fun to play with and so are the devices we are offering on our website. 

To explain the use of electromagnets let’s look at the simple task of holding a door open. You would turn the doorknob and swing it open – TADA! It’s open and you can hold it in place. But let’s make it a little bit more complicated. Think about holding this same door opened for long periods of time. Yes, you are right again, a doorstop will do. But now let's go a step further. This door is required to be open at certain times, closed at other times and securely locked all night.  Yep!  You guess it!  All this with no hands!    

This is where electromagnets, such as holding magnets, locking solenoids, rotary solenoids and latching solenoids come in handy. All you need to do is push a button to move, lock or hold things in place.

Most importantly – “Look, Mom no hands”



Looking for a more technical explanation?  You got it! Let's go into a little more detail. An electromagnet in its basics, is a coil, a housing and an armature. The coil, once powered, is creating the magnet field, while the housing is carrying the magnetic flux. The created field attracts the moving piece or armature. The fact that you can create movement or hold things in place remotely makes solenoids - and electromagnets in general – a great solution for applications where things need to be locked, held or moved over short distances. As well as for areas that are difficult to access, are safety critical, limited in space and require fast, repeatable movement. To activate or deactivate the solenoid you simply apply an electrical signal.


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