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Why Solenoid Ninja?

Why Solenoid Ninja?

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Have you ever had a dream of creating something that would benefit many people, making their life just a bit easier?

We did too! We noticed that there were very few options for individuals or companies looking for small quantity, high-quality electromagnetic components - and that’s how the idea of an online shop for electromagnets was born! We offer locking solenoids, electromagnetic buzzers, linear solenoids and holding magnets. In time, we plan to extend our portfolio of rotary solenoids and valves.

Why Solenoid Ninja? You know the answer – the obvious URL’s were taken so we had to come up with something that would stick and roll off the tongue easily, and in all seriousness, the word “Ninja” just creates anticipation that something exciting is going to happen…

We hope to meet and exceed this expectation. If not, please let us know. And if you don`t have anything better to do, we won`t complain about a good review.