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We Did it!

We Did it!

Our Solenoid Ninja web store is ready! 

Our goal with Solenoid Ninja is to help individuals and businesses alike find their electromagnetic components quickly and effortlessly. We understand that there still might be some minor details that need to be worked through, so we would appreciate your feedback and will do our best to take care of those issues as soon as possible.

At this point, we also would like to say a special thank you to everyone involved in turning Solenoid Ninja into a reality! Our web shop would not have been possible without the amazing guidance and talents of Rose and Rose Associates | roseandrose.biz, Natasha Tucker ntucker1978.wixsite.com and Digital Art That Rocks LLCdigitalartthatrocks.com. Also a big thank you to the team at Solenoid Ninja who worked tirelessly to launch our dream!

Please enjoy our web shop and we hope that it will be a great resource for you. We welcome all feedback, good or bad.