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Our Secret is Out!

Our Secret is Out!

Something is different here ...

In the spirit of providing an enjoyable experience for you, we have redesigned, re-arranged, and simplified our solenoid website with new, exciting visuals and an improved search function.


Our desire was to create a crisp, easy to navigate, and visually appealing web shop. You will notice the search bar is now more prominent, positioned in the middle in order to easily enter the part or type number of an existing solenoid, valve, or electro magnet. We also changed the overall navigation so you can move smoothly between different product categories.

Understanding the need for efficiency, faster checkout options have been added as well.

Maybe the most important feature is the product selector, allowing you to search by the style of solenoid or magnet and select the performance that suits your application best. Some of our linear solenoids go even further and allow you to Build Your Own Solenoid!

Through all the changes some things stayed the same, like our desire to offer top-quality electromagnetic components and expert technical support coupled with fast, friendly customer service.

Please contact us with your next project or much needed sample part, or visit our new Solenoid Ninja website!